2022 Spring CAPA-CDOT Maintenance Tonnage Estimates

The AIF is the joint technical program between CAPA and CDOT to collaborate on technical and specification improvements. The AIF Steering Committee is co-chaired by CDOT contact Michael Stanford and CAPA contact Tom Clayton.


The CDOT Headquarters Project Development Branch provides direction and guidance on the state wide pavement construction program. In this role, Construction Bulletins are issued to project offices that clarify policy and/or provide technical guidance. Here is a listing of recent Construction Bulletins. For more information, visit the CDOT web site.

CDOT Issues Position paper on the Use of WMA in Colorado 
The CDOT Materials & Geotechnical Branch has issued a memorandum on the use of warm mix asphalt (WMA). The May 1, 2017, memo states that CDOT supports and encourages the use of warm mix asphalt provided the approval process has been followed. CAPA will distribute this memo to local agencies and make it available to those who are considering the use of WMA.
CDOT WMA Position Paper

Dispute Review Board Recommendations
CDOT Dispute Review Board Recommendations

Design Build Manual, Alternate Pavement types

Bulletins and Manuals
CDOT Bulletins and Manuals
Materials Bulletin 2018-1 CP 52 NEW AUGUST 2018
CP-52-2018 NEW AUGUST 2018
Worksheet in Materials Bulletin 2018-1 CP 52 NEW AUGUST 2018

2019 Asphalt Quantity Projections (UPDATED 1/2019)
CDOT 2019 Asphalt Quantity Projections

Assigning pavement smoothness categories (UPDATED 1/12/2017)
CDOT Assigning pavement smoothness categories

2017 CDOT MRI Smoothness Report
2017 CDOT Smoothness Report

CDOT 4 Year Construction Plan
CDOT 4 Year Construction Plan

2017 CDOT RAP Usage Report
2015 CDOT RAP Usage Report

CDOT Crack Seal Research Report
CDOT Crack Seal Research Report, 2015

Construction Cost Index Report
Construction Cost Index Report

Asphalt Related Specifications (CP's)(Simplified)
CDOT List of Candidate Members for the Dispute Review Board (DRB) 5-2012
CDOT Approved Products List
WMA Approved Contractor List
WMA Approved Technologies
CDOT Traffic Data & ESAL Calculator
Davis-Bacon Minimum Wage Decisions
Test Result Verification and Dispute Resolution (CP 17-15)
RAS CP-11 - 2/2011
Interpreting the Pavement Smoothness Specification and Profiler Operating Parameters
Pavement smoothness categorization
Timeliness of Test Results